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Quantum Interconnect Explorer

Today, IC designers, manufacturers and machinery suppliers are forced to tune their interconnect processes through slow numerical algorithms, usually based on heuristics. This happens because the tools provided by traditional TCAD software companies adjust their mesh and values from non-physical values in order to obtain the overall interconnect resistance, thus introducing uncertainty into the problem of finding the correct process parameters.

Our solution, Quantum Interconnect Explorer (QIE), takes into account all physical effects, acknowledged by the scientific community, that affect metallic interconnects below 10[nm].

  • Scattering Electron - Rough Surfaces
  • Scattering Electron - Grain Boundary
  • Distributed Impurities and Random Distribution of Crystal Grains
  • Temperature Influence
  • Electron Gas Quantum Confinement
  • Partial Localization of Carriers

There are no other softwares on the market taking into account all these effects. Not even numeric simulators can achieve this, given that some of this effects only show up on "large" collective systems.

QIE results match experimental resistivity values with little error. Computation were performed in seconds in a regular PC with only taking the dimensions of interconnects as inputs.

  • 8th Gen Intel CORE i5
  • 8 Gb DDR3 RAM
  • No GPU acceleration

Imagine what your company could achieve by providing additional inputs to our model and get results only in a matter of seconds.


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