Quantum RC Extractor

Posted on July 15, 2021 (Last modified on September 6, 2023) • 2 min read • 353 words
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Python Module for RC Extraction

Quantum RC Extractor

Introducing “QuantumRC Extractor” - A Groundbreaking Python Module for Ultrafast, High-Precision Parasitic RC Extraction

QuantumRC Extractor is a revolutionary Python module purpose-built for the semiconductor industry to perform cutting-edge RC (Resistance-Capacitance) extraction. Leveraging an innovative approach that combines the speed of heuristic models with the precision and accuracy of TCAD level simulations, QuantumRC Extractor delivers an unparalleled blend of speed and accuracy in RC extraction.

Key Features:

  1. TCAD-Level Precision and Accuracy: QuantumRC Extractor employs quantum models derived from first principles, providing TCAD-level precision and accuracy in RC extraction. This scientific approach models the underlying physics of semiconductor devices at the nanoscale with utmost fidelity, ensuring highly accurate and precise results.

  2. Heuristic-Level Speed: Despite its high accuracy, QuantumRC Extractor does not compromise on speed. The module performs RC extraction at the speed of heuristic models, ensuring quick turn-around times and a highly efficient design workflow.

  3. Complete Coverage - FEOL, MOL, BEOL: QuantumRC Extractor is uniquely capable of performing RC extraction for all layers of IC fabrication - Front-End of Line (FEOL), Middle of Line (MOL), and Back-End of Line (BEOL). This comprehensive coverage ensures accurate parasitic extraction across the entire IC, leading to more precise timing analysis and signal integrity verification.

  4. Python-Based Integration: QuantumRC Extractor is designed as a Python module, facilitating seamless integration with other Python-based EDA tools and custom scripts. This Python integration enables automated design flows and enhances usability, making RC extraction more efficient and easier to manage.

  5. Scalability: QuantumRC Extractor is built to scale, capable of handling designs ranging from small analog circuits to large digital designs with millions of transistors. This scalability ensures that QuantumRC Extractor can accommodate designs of all complexities.

  6. User-Friendly Interface: QuantumRC Extractor comes with an intuitive Python API and extensive documentation, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Example scripts are provided to help users quickly understand and leverage the module's advanced capabilities.
QuantumRC Extractor brings speed, precision, and broad coverage together in one powerful package, making it the go-to solution for your parasitic RC extraction needs. Unlock the potential of your IC designs with the speed of heuristics and the accuracy of TCAD-level simulations with QuantumRC Extractor.
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