Quantum Interconnect Explorer

Posted on July 15, 2021 (Last modified on September 7, 2023) • 3 min read • 479 words
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QIE features

Quantum Interconnect Explorer

Introducing "Quantum Interconnect Explorer" - A Comprehensive EDA Solution Based on JupyterLab

Discover the power of advanced quantum modeling with Quantum Interconnect Explorer, a state-of-the-art EDA tool built on JupyterLab that integrates two powerful Python modules: QuantumResistivity Profiler and QuantumRC Extractor. Backed by Python's extensive scientific libraries, Quantum Interconnect Explorer offers an unmatched combination of speed, precision, and versatility to tackle the most demanding EDA tasks in the semiconductor industry.

Key Features:

  1. Integrated Quantum Modeling: Quantum Interconnect Explorer brings together QuantumResistivity Profiler and QuantumRC Extractor in a unified environment. These modules offer advanced quantum mechanical simulations for resistivity calculation and RC extraction, ensuring high accuracy and precision across the entire design process.

  2. Support for Industry Standard Files: Quantum Interconnect Explorer supports both GDSII and OASIS file formats, the industry-standard formats for IC layout. This broad file support makes Quantum Interconnect Explorer a flexible solution that fits into any IC design workflow.

  3. Custom Quantum Process Files (QPF): The Suite accepts our custom quantum process files (qpf) for accurate process details, enabling Quantum Interconnect Explorer to tailor its simulations and calculations to your specific process parameters.

  4. Powerful Python-Based JupyterLab Platform: Built on top of the versatile JupyterLab platform, Quantum Interconnect Explorer leverages Python's powerful scientific libraries. This enables users to create flexible workflows, perform advanced data analysis, and visualize results in a user-friendly environment.

  5. Interactive Notebooks: Quantum Interconnect Explorer's interactive Jupyter notebooks provide a convenient platform for users to document their design processes, share their findings, and collaborate with others. These notebooks support live code, equations, visualizations, and narrative text.

  6. Scalability and Efficiency: Quantum Interconnect Explorer is designed to scale with the complexity of your designs. Its efficient performance ensures fast turnaround times, even for large designs with complex geometries and critical dimensions reaching quantum scales.

Experience the new paradigm in EDA with Quantum Interconnect Explorer. With its quantum-first approach and powerful Python-based environment, Quantum Interconnect Explorer offers a unique solution to drive efficiency, innovation, and precision in your semiconductor designs.

Science Driven

Our solution, Quantum Interconnect Explorer (QIE), takes into account all physical effects, acknowledged by the scientific community, that affect metallic interconnects below 10[nm].

  • Scattering Electron - Rough Surfaces
  • Scattering Electron - Grain Boundary
  • Distributed Impurities and Random Distribution of Crystal Grains
  • Temperature Influence
  • Electron Gas Quantum Confinement
  • Partial Localization of Carriers

There are no other softwares on the market taking into account all these effects. Not even numeric simulators can achieve this, given that some of this effects only show up on "large" collective systems.

Unparalled Performance

QIE results match experimental resistivity values with little error. Computation were performed in seconds in a regular PC with only taking the dimensions of interconnects as inputs.

  • 8th Gen Intel CORE i5
  • 8 Gb DDR3 RAM
  • No GPU acceleration

Imagine what your company could achieve by providing additional inputs to our model and get results only in a matter of seconds.

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