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Posted on April 11, 2022 (Last modified on September 6, 2023) • 2 min read • 230 words
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In land far far away...

In 2019, a group of friends with vast experience in the EDA industry decided to take on the challenge of bringing Chile’s academic research on material science to the semiconductor industry.

All the research of our work has been done in Chile. We are proud of the quality of it and we are proof of the great work that can be produced even in the least expected places.

Science Driven

Multiple solutions offered on the market rely solely on numerical, heuristics, brute force and now, machine learning. But the key to sustained success is in understanding the events under analysis. Our approach is to deliver software built from first principles of physics and experimentally validated. We want your solutions be not based on guesses.

Broad Experience

Our team has large experience on EDA, theorical and experimental physics, software and electronic engineering, cloud computing and security. We can face the current challenges of the industry and are ready for the ones ahead. Our broad experience allows us identify the relevant findings and deliver these to you through our software.

Give Back

Our vision is to close the loop between the industry and universities. Only from these bridges and multidisciplinary knowledge we can get the full picture and deliver the next technological revolution. Thus, large part of our profits go to joint efforts with universities to deliver experimentally validated knowledge as software.

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